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Our Talented Team

Editor in Chief- Stephanie Blake 

Managing Editor- Andre Blake

Creative Director- Joseph LeDoux

Senior Writers- Raena White & Timothy Willis

Risky Spotlight Magazine was a project that began in early 2019 in an effort to bring together the stars of underground exotic entertainments. Jumpstarted by Stephanie and Andre Blake, long time fans of the exotic arts. Risky Spotlight hopes to acknowledge all of the best in burlesque, drag, exotic dance, and showgirl circles. Our mission is to open our readers to the broader world of glitter and glory. These artists tour year-round, perform for thousands of fans, and build large followings. We hope to expose our readers to a more intimate look into the lives of these characters, their careers, and affiliates. In addition to bringing artists and celebrities to our magazine, we will be including articles about the designers, stagehands, DJ's, managers, venues, productions, and more! Different from other industry magazines, our goal is to bridge divides between all of the exotic arts which frequently experience a blending and mixing. The artists themselves are often combination performers and therefore we felt a magazine that brought all of these styles under one roof necessary to reflect the industry today. 

Thank you for supporting Risky Spotlight Magazine!

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